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Concentrate on your core business by choosing our business address service.

Providing a business address for your head office is one of Burotel’s essential services. It allows you to launch your business on the Belgian market without any financial or administrative constraints.

With a  business address in Brussels, the capital of Europe, you can give your company a professional image, without having to invest in an office from the outset.

What’s more, our commercial domiciliation service is a practical and legal solution that gives you access to a range of services, such as coworking space, a virtual office, administrative support and more.

Registration is required to offer domiciliation and commercial domiciliation services. BUROTEL is officially registered with the FPS Economy.

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Here are the advantages you can enjoy by subscribing to our domiciliation service.


Frequently asked questions

Burotel offers a business address service enabling companies, especially small businesses, self-employed workers and entrepreneurs, to use a physical business address without having an office in the Brussels area.

This service offers a professional appearance on business cards and official documents, enhancing credibility. It ensures confidentiality by protecting the privacy of contractors.

Benefits include mail reception and management, and a strategic location to attract customers to the Brussels region.

Business address services are distinct from shared office space and virtual offices, focusing primarily on address and correspondence management to improve flexibility, reduce costs and reinforce a company’s professional image.

Registration is required to offer domiciliation and commercial domiciliation services.

BUROTEL is officially registered with the FPS Economy.

Our commercial domiciliation package offers a variety of services, including :

  • an official business address,
  • mail reception and forwarding,
  • document digitization,
  • receiving parcels,
  • on-demand access to office space,
  • administrative assistance,
  • a telephone service,
  • assistance in registering the company’s articles of association,
  • and advice on legal and tax formalities.

Services included depend on specific contract.

Yes. You can choose to have your registered office at Burotel’s address. It is also possible to simply have a postal, business address at Burotel.

Opting for a business address in Brussels, the Belgian capital and a major European business center, offers a number of advantages. Brussels offers a strategic position at the heart of Europe, giving access to an extensive European market.

A city address reinforces the company’s professional image through its association with international business.

In addition, Brussels offers networking opportunities with decision-makers and serves as a dynamic financial hub. The city is home to key sectors such as technology and pharmaceuticals, and offers government assistance to businesses.

However, the choice of an address in Brussels depends on the specific needs of the company, and it is advisable to consult an expert in company law before making a decision.

The contract for a head office has a minimum duration of 12 months and is renewed tacitly. You can cancel your contract by sending a registered letter three months before the expiry date.

The 12-month period is considered necessary because of the costs incurred for changes and publications in the Moniteur.

The “Virtual+” service offers extensive advantages over standard domiciliation.

It includes telephone call management, voicemail, e-mail reception and management, virtual office support, virtual fax service, advanced administrative support, communications security, and access to shared workspaces.

In short, “Virtual+” goes beyond simple commercial domiciliation, offering a wider range of services to facilitate business management, strengthen communication with customers and improve operational efficiency.

We process mail and registered mail on a daily basis in accordance with customer instructions. Registered and urgent mail is systematically scanned.

Mail can be returned daily, weekly or monthly, but more and more customers prefer full scanning with monthly return of originals.

If we receive a parcel, we take a photo and immediately inform the customer via WhatsApp.